What is
the purpose of
online sales

For the past decade, we have been providing e-commerce enabler services to leading consumer goods brands and online market platforms in Korea.

After years of hard work along-side these major brands, we have developed solutions for growing online sales in a short period of time, entering new platforms, correcting online distribution prices, collecting and enrolling platform customers into brand CRM databases, and providing them with data to help them gain an advantage. Our mission is to enable consumer goods brands to make profitable sales everyday through their online stores.

As competition between online platforms has increased, and sales competition has driven prices lower and lower, we thought about how consumer brands could provide their customers with a successful shopping experience on the major online marketplaces.

This led to the development of Bee (Brand e-commerce enabler) as full service solution.  Through Bee, we take full responsibility our clients’ online sales.  Through ECBI, we gather data from more than 2,000 mobile home tabs on 21 major online channels and organize it by category, brand, platform, and seller. We utilize performance manager technology for each product code that enables brands to make regular and profitable sales strategies for each platform. We then apply our digital media advertising strategies to guarantee traffic and increase performance on the platforms, after which our CRM program immediately begins to secure customers who communicate through the platforms making them direct customers of the brand.

Now, through the solution we have found, loyal brand customers are encouraged to repurchase their favorite items without the need for sales events, allowing brands to make more profit while maintaining a healthy sales volume.    

Online Solution
for Brands

Bee provides data-based market strategy and performance reports, CS, ordering, settlement services, sales platform traffic, purchase conversion rates, and shopping cart size monitoring through optimizing consumer touch points. It is a real-time sales service based on big data that enables online D2C market entry and growth for brands.

Maximize profits,
minimize risks

with D2C
high-efficiency solutions

Unlike the online sellers’ standard collateral and tax invoice collection method, the funds are quickly circulated and there is no credit risk. In addition, we improve media efficiency and maintain a healthy sales price based on the platform’s event opportunities and exposure opportunities for sellers directly managed by the head office. We also take responsibility for personal information management through providing direct online sales, studying customer data, and entering our store customers into the platforms as well as our own CRM DB.

Bee Works

To continually optimize our platform sales performance, we meticulously focus on the following:

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